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Cut Time has replaced what you knew to be as CHARMS. 

With CutTime we will continue to manage large messages too large for Remind and will also continue to be a site where you can see your students information such as:

Band placement, instrument assignments, financials, and etc. 

Student accounts have already been made and are currently updated by directors and our booster organization. 

Parents, please follow the directions below to get your account set up and to connect your profile with your student through what Cut Time calls a "Relationship":

  1. Go to

  2. At the top right click "Student/Parent Sign Up

  3. Under "Subscribing Schools/Groups" type Rowlett HS Band and Rowlett HS Band (Rowlett TX) ID:8364 should appear as an option.

  4. Under "Position" please choose Parent as your position.

  5. From there please fill out the remaining information requested "First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country, and Birth date.

  6. Check that you are not a robot

  7. Accept Terms and Conditions

  8. Click Register Now

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