Jeffery Allen Blackhurst

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Our Story....

Since the spring of 1998 we, the family of Jeffery Allen Blackhurst, have given recognition to a Rowlett High School band student for his or her accomplishments in school, church, and community.  This recognition comes in the form of a scholarship in memory of our son Jeff.


Jeff was a charter member of the RHS Band.  He would have graduated with the class of 2000, the first class to attend RHS all four years, but he lost his life in an automobile wreck in August, 1997.  He loved the band. His closest friends at school were a part of the band.  He spoke often of the domino games during class breaks.  He wanted to be at all of the activities early so he wouldn’t miss out, and he was usually one of the last to leave.  He was one of those willing to do what was best for the band.  He was willing to switch from trumpet to euphonium because the band needed it.  He played the electronic keyboard in the jazz band to cover for the missing low brass because there were no students playing those instruments. 


We are pleased with this opportunity every year for the band to remember him. It is our desire to keep strong the spirit of love, comradeship, and support that has been established by the outstanding students of Rowlett High School. 


We so appreciate all who have donated over the years to keep this memorial scholarship a part of the Mighty Eagle Band cultural fabric.


Mark & Chris Blackhurst



Jeffrey Allen Blackhurst

Memorial Scholarship Recipients

1998                     Shad Warren

1999                     Jessica Weldon

2000                     Betheny Prudhomme, Sonia Reyna, Kenny Surgenor

2001                     Ryan Williams

2002                     Heather Bowdre, Mary Crenshaw

2003                     Garrett Williams, Kyle Wilson

2004                     Jon Cole, Rebecca Freeman

2005                     Jessica Debnam, Matthew Cannon

2006                     Stephanie Ceniza, Jeremy Gue

2007                     Eric Estes, Amanda Trezza

2008                     Donovan Hunt, Matt McGann

2009                     Basil Bouras, Kaleigh Greenwood

2010                     Phillip Harris

2011                     David Ernst, Heather Gregory

2012                     Kai Yip (Kaz) Chan, Vivian Diep

2013                     Tanner Cotton, Veronica Valera

2014                     Chandler Davis, Nathan Ihemeremandu, Erica Kenworthy

2015                     Adam Cope, Rayleigh Palmer, Celeste Villarreal

2016                     Erin Kiser, West Garcia, Nathan Vaz

2017                     Brooklyn Davis, Zachary Griffin, Allison Jones

2018                     Samuel Farrell, Jennifer Tang, Lane Tapp, Flora Trinh

2019                     Elizabeth Chandler, Avery McCarty, Melanie Paonessa

2020                     Fiona Yemane, Veronica Pena